Types of Application that can be created using V.S .NET

  • Console Application
  • Windows Form Application
  • Class Libraries
  • Windows Form Control Application
  • WPF Application
  • Crystal Report Application
  • Setup and deployment Application .etc.

  • Programming Approach in different Language

    Procedural programming approach

    It is a collection of member that is define in a programme and then called from main function. There are main is always entry point of each progeamme.

    Object Oriented Programming Language

    It is object oriented approach also a programme is a collection of members .the member must be enclosed under a container called as a class.

    Syntax to define a class :


    Syntax to define Main Method

    Static void Main(string[] args)

    If all execution start from here so main mtd must be define as a static .

    Main mtd can be a non –value returning .