Data Structures

1. Computer system is used as Data Management System where ‘Data’ are very    important for it.
2. Data are aggregated and summarized in various ways to form information.
3. All these factors very much depend on the way data are aggregated.
4. The Data Structures are an effective and reliable way to achieve this.

"DATA STRUCTURE is a named group of data of different data types which can be processed as a single unit."

While designing data structures, one must follow the given steps:

1. Determine the logical picture of the data in a particular program.
2. Choose the representation of data.
3. Develop the operations that will be applied on

Different Data Structures are as follows:

non linear data-structure

Simple Data Structures

These are normally built from primitive data types like integers, real, character, Boolean.
There are following two types of simple data structures
1. Array
2. Structure

Compound Data Structures

Simple data structures can be combined in various ways to form more complex structures called compound data structures.
They are classified into the following two types:

1. Linear data structures

These data structures are single level data structures.
A data structure is said to be linear if its elements form a sequence.
There are the following types:
a. Stack
b. Queue
c. Linked List

2. Non-linear data structures

These are multilevel data structures.
Example of non-linear data structure is Tree.

Operations on Data Structures

The basic operations that are performed on data structures are as follows:
Insertion:Insertion means addition of a new data element in a data structure.
Deletion: Deletion means removal of a data element from a data structure if it is found.
Searching:Searching involves searching for the specified data element in a data structure.
Traversal:Traversal of a data structure means processing all the data elements present in it.
Sorting:Arranging data elements of a data structure in a specified order is called sorting.
Merging:Combining elements of two similar data structures to form a new data structure of the same type, is called merging.