In general .Net is used for network and internet computing so first we look in to different types of network and network computing in the IT Field. C# is an elegant and type –Safe Object oriented language that enables to built a variety of secure and robust applications ,integrated debugger,and many other tools to make it easier to develop the apps . it is most power full tools programming language among all programming language In .NET.

What is .Net -.

net is a s/w technology which was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft is a leading organisation which was established by Bill Gates in U S A. .Net is a framework technology which is integrated with multiple technology like below-
  • .Net Window Technology
  • Web Technology
  • Web Service Technology
  • Mobile Technology
  • Types Of Network:

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN(Wide Area Network)
  • EAN(Enterprise Area Network)
  • What is .Net Frame Work:

  • •Net Framework is execution of .net programs or apps
  • •Net framework is an integral component in software
  • .Net Framework is a common Plate form for developing various types of application by using .net technology and .net language.
  • Component of .Net Frame Work:

    .Net frame work contains the following components

    1) CLR(common language runtime)

  • CLS(common language Specification)
  • CTS(Common type system)
  • GC(Garbage Collector)
  • JIT(just in time Compiler)
  • 2) BCL(Base Class Library)

  • A Library is a set of reusable functionalty .In every programming language we are provided with these libraries .but in our earlier language libraries of the language are specific to that language only .Whereas we are coming to .Net languages all languages are provided with the same set of libraries what we call as BCL which can consumed in any .Net Language.
  • CLS:

    CLS is responsible to prove language interoperability This is archived in 2 types
  • a) Managed Code
  • b) Un Managed Code
  • Managed Code

  • Code for which MSIL is generated after Language Compiler Compilation is directly executed by the CLR known as managed Code.
  • The Code execution process is known as managed code execution.
  • CLR will provide all the facilities and features of .net to the Managed Code Execution like Language Interoperabilty,Automatic memory Management,Comman Data Type etc
  • Un- Managed Code:

  • Code that has been written before development of .net for which MSIL is not available is not executed by the CLR directly ,rather CLR redirects the code to OS for execution ,which is known as unmanaged code
  • The Code execution Process is known as Unmanaged code Execution.
  • > Example-for unmanaged code are COM Component,Win32API’s.


  • It describe a set of types that can be used in different .net Language in common.
  • Every Programing Language has its own datatype
  • Other programming language cannot understand other programming language data type.
  • The CTS ensure that object written in different .Net Languages can interact with each other .
  • This CTS is devided n to two types …..
  • a) Value Types
  • b) Reference Types
  • Value Types

  • The Data Type which store data directly in memory is known as Value Types .
  • Reference Type

    The Data type which don’t store data directly in memory Location rather than refers to another memory locations is called as reference types.