What is SQLite

The “Lite” in SQLite does not refer to its capabilities. Rather, SQLite is lightweight when it comes to setup complexity, administrative overhead, and resource usage. SQLite is defined by the following features:

Serverless :

SQLite does not require a separate server process or system to operate. The SQLite library accesses its storage files directly.

Zero Configuration :

No server means no setup. Creating an SQLite database instance is as easy as opening a file.

Cross-Platform :

The entire database instance resides in a single cross-platform file, requiring no administration.

Self-Contained :

A single library contains the entire database system, which integrates directly into a host application.

Small Runtime Footprint :

The default build is less than a megabyte of code and requires only a few megabytes of memory. With some adjustments, both the library size and memory use can be significantly reduced.

Transactional :

SQLite transactions are fully ACID-compliant, allowing safe access from multiple processes or threads.

Full-Featured :

SQLite supports most of the query language features found in the SQL92 (SQL2) standard.

Highly Reliable :

The SQLite development team takes code testing and verification very seriously. Overall, SQLite provides a very functional and flexible relational database environment that consumes minimal resources and creates minimal hassle for developers and users.

SQLite is used in

Solaris 10 and Mac OS operating systems, iPhone or Skype. Qt4 library has a buit-in support for the SQLite as well as the Python or the PHP language. Many popular applications use SQLite internally such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Amarok.

Advantages of SQLite:

  • It does not require a MySQL database on the server, you use your own storage, a SQLite file.
  • It can be saved easily simply by downloading the file of the base!
  • It can be used locally with programs written in C or PHP or other languages.
  • It may be used for running Web applications offline in HTML 5.

  • Disadvantages of SQLite:

  • Access to a SQLite database may slow down if the size becomes very important.
  • Multiple users can not simultaneously modify a database.
  • The SQLite extension is not activated on all shared hosts.