What is C ?

C is one of the most widely used programming language of all times.
It is a general purpose,block-structured,procedural, case-sensitive and high level programming language.

Who is the developer ?

C is developed by Dennis Richie and his partner Ken Thompson at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in span of 1969 to 1973.

Why name C ?

It was named C because it evolved from earlier languages Basic Combined Programming Language(BCPL) and B.

Why to learn C ?

1. You should learn first basic programming skills to learn object oriented concept. Which will can be got through C very easily.
2. You have to use basic elements of C always no matter in which platform you are.
3. Graphical programming like 3D appplications, Mobile games and device drivers are exclusively made in C.

My First c program:

int main()
  printf("Hello World");
  return 0;


 Hello World