Application Of C Programming

C Programming is best known programming language. C Programming is near to machine as well as human so it is called as Middle level Programming Language.
The practical application of C language are many depending on the area in which u are working:
  • System level programming - for making Assemblers,Compilers or even creating a new language.
  • Application Development - Any user friendly application eg Reservation System,library System.

  • Application of C Programming are listed below –

  • C language is used for creating computer applications
  • Used in writing Embedded softwares
  • Firmware for various electronics, industrial and communications products which use micro-controllers.
  • It is also used in developing verification software, test code, simulators etc. for various applications and hardware products.
  • For Creating Compiles of different Languages which can take input from other language and convert it into lower level machine dependent language.
  • C is used to implement different Operating System Operations.
  • UNIX kernel is completely developed in C Language.

  • List of Applications of C Programming

    Operating Systems Network Drivers
    Print Spoolers Language Compilers
    Assemblers Text Editors
    Modern Programs Data Bases
    Language Interpreters Simulators
    Utilities Embedded System