Properties Methods and Events

Whatever the control it was every control has 3 things in common like properties, methods and events.


these are attributes of a control which have their impact on look of the control. E.g.: Width, Height, BackColor, ForeColor, etc.


: these are actions performed by a control

E.g.: Clear(), Focus(), Close(), etc.


these are time periods which specify when an action has to be performed.

E.g.: Click, Load, KeyPress, MouseOver, etc.

Developing a desktop application

To develop a Desktop Application (GUI) the base control that has to be created first is Form. To create the Form first define a class inheriting from the pre-defined class "Form" so that the new class also becomes a Form.

public class Form1 : Form 

To run the Form we have created call the static method Run of Application class by passing the object of Form we have created as a parameter.

 Form1 f = new Form1();
Or   Application.Run(new Form1());