Defining Event Procedures in Notepad

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
public class Form3 : Form {
	public Form3() {
	private void InitializeComponent() {
		this.Text = "My New Form";
		this.Load += new EventHandler(TestProc1);
		this.Click += new EventHandler(TestProc2);
	private void TestProc1(object sender,EventArgs e) {
		MessageBox.Show("Load Event Occured.");
	private void TestProc2(object sender,EventArgs e) {
		MessageBox.Show("Click Event Occured.");
	static void Main() {
		Application.Run(new Form3());

Placing controls on a form

By default we are provided with no. of controls where each control is a class. These controls are available in ToolBox window on LHS of the studio, which displays all controls, organized under different Tabs (groups). To place a control on the form either double click on desired control or select the control and place it in the desired location on form.