Insertion In Linked list

There are three situation for inserting element in list.

  1. Insertion at the front of list.
  2. Insertion in the middle of the list.
  3. Insertion at the end of the list.

Procedure For Inserting an element to linked list

Step-1: Get the value for NEW node to be added to the list and its position.
Step-2: Create a NEW, empty node by calling malloc(). If malloc() returns no error then go to step-3 or else say "Memory shortage".
Step-3: insert the data value inside the NEW node's data field.
Step-4: Add this NEW node at the desired position (pointed by the "location") in the LIST.
Step-5: Go to step-1 till you have more values to be added to the LIST.

Insertion Node In Linked List

void insert(node *ptr, int data)
        /* Iterate through the list till we encounter the last node.*/
                ptr = ptr -> next;

        /* Allocate memory for the new node and put data in it.*/

        ptr->next = (node *)malloc(sizeof(node));
        ptr = ptr->next;
        ptr->data = data;
        ptr->next = NULL;

Insertion at the front of list

Insertion Node in given location Linked List

Insertion at the end of the list.