Addressing Modes in 8085

  1. Immediate Addressing Mode
  2. Register Addressing Mode
  3. Direct Addressing Mode
  4. Indirect Addressing Mode
  5. Implied/implicit Addressing Mode

Immediate Addressing Mode:

An immediate is transferred directly to the register.
Eg: -
MVI A, 30H (30H is copied into the register A)
MVI B,40H(40H is copied into the register B).

Register Addressing Mode

Data is copied from one register to another register.
Eg: -
MOV B, A (the content of A is copied into the register B)
MOV A, C (the content of C is copied into the register A).

Direct Addressing Mode

Data is directly copied from the given address to the register.
Eg: -
LDA 3000H (The content at the location 3000H is copied to the register A).

Indirect Addressing Mode

The data is transferred from the address pointed by the data in a register to other register.
Eg: -
MOV A, M (data is transferred from the memory location pointed by the regiser to the accumulator).

Implied Addressing Mode

This mode doesn't require any operand. The data is specified by opcode itself.
Eg: -