Find out the size of the different data types in C

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C Program to find the Size of Different data types.

C Program

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
	printf("    short int is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(short int));
	printf("          int is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(int));
	printf("        int * is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(int *));
	printf("     long int is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(long int));
	printf("   long int * is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(long int *));
	printf("   signed int is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(signed int));
	printf(" unsigned int is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(unsigned int));
	printf("        float is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(float));
	printf("      float * is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(float *));
	printf("       double is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(double));
	printf("     double * is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(double *));
	printf("  long double is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(long double));
	printf("  signed char is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(signed char));
	printf("         char is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(char));
	printf("       char * is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(char *));
	printf("unsigned char is %2d bytes \n", sizeof(unsigned char));