Chapter 12  
Values in Different Dimensions of Human Living.  
Participation of the s human being is seen in two forms: behavior and work  
The values pertaining to behavior as the nine values in relationship.  
Likewise working with material thing, we have two values;  
Utility Value: the participation of a human being in ensuring the role of physical  
facilities in nurture, protection and providing means for the body.  
Artistic Value: the participation of a human being in ensuring the role of physical  
facility to help and preserve its utility.  
Definitiveness of Ethical Human Conduct.  
The right understanding gained through the self-exploration also enables us to identify  
the definitiveness of human conduct which may be also be called the ethical human  
Salient features of Ethical Human Conduct.  
Values: values are the outcome of realization and understanding which are always  
Policy: Having been convinced about the values and about the inherent harmony in the  
existence, I am able to develop an ethical sense in all my pursuits. I always think we  
have, and work towards nurturing this harmony. It leads us to adopt policies conducive  
human welfare- conducive to enrichment, protection and right utilization of mind, body  
and wealth.  
Character: definitiveness of my desire, thought, and selection, gives definitiveness to  
my living. Definitiveness of character is the outcome of the definiteness of my behavior  
and work.  
Chastity in conjugal relationship i.e. chastity in husband-wife ralatioship  
sva nari, sva purus)  
Rightful production, acquisition and utilization of wealth (sva dhana).  
Humane behaviour and work with kindness (dayapurna karya-vavahar)  

Ethical Human Conduct  
Ethics: the definitiveness of human conduct in terms of values, policies and  
character is termed as Ethics.  
Ethical conduct implies that it is naturally acceptable to me and does not give  
rise to conflict within.  
Ethical conduct implies that is in consonance with right understanding of the  
reality the underlying harmony at all levels.  
Ethical human conduct is self-satisfying, people friendly and universal.  
Development of human consciousness  
As we transform to the human consciousness from right understanding, we are able to  
base our thoughts and activities on right understanding, give relationship a higher  
priority than physical facilities, identifying our physical needs and ensure it through  
avartansila production, enriching rest of the nature as well.  
Chapter 13  
Vision for the holistic alternative  
A correct appraisal of the comprehensive human goal welfare and the realization of co-  
existence at all levels enable us to visualize and gradually evolve a viable alternative to  
the prevailing pattern of human living. Thus the right understanding prepares us for  
moving towards the holistic alternative (Universal Human Order) which will be  
sustainable as well as conducive to fulfill the basic human aspirations for all human  
beings. It will be a mode of living which is self satisfying, people friendly and eco-  
Humanistic Education. Humanistic education will incorporate appropriate integration  
of values and skills so that human being are able to understand their physical needs  
correctly and adopt suitable techniques and production systems to cater to these needs  
in an eco-friendly and people friendly manner.  
The humanistic education will facilitate the process of self exploration which will lead to  
continuous self evolution of human being. It will also enable the realization of once  
innateness as well as the universality and definitiveness of ethical human conduct. It  
will also develop the conviction that only value based living can be conducive to  
continuous happiness and prosperity for one and all.  

Humanistic Constitution Presently, the human society is divided into various castes,  
creeds, religions and nationalities whose objectives and interests are proving contrary to  
those of others. Accordingly a major part of human endeavour is used in handling those  
conflicts and contradictions. Paradoxically, the human beings are spending substantial  
part of their energies and resources in preparing themselves for war, only to ensure  
When the parameters of human welfare are universal i.e. commonly applicable to all  
human beings, the humanistic constitution can only alternative for the fulfillment of  
human aspiration.  
Universal human order and its implications  
On the basis of the understanding of harmony we get the notion of an undivided society  
and universal human order. The universal human order will comprise of:  
. The five dimensions of human Endeavour towards a fragmented society.  
. The steps of organization from family to world family, each anchored in right  
understanding will integrate in the following ways.  
i. Family  
ii. family cluster  
iii. village/community  
iv. village cluster  
v. world family  
Chapter 14  
Professional ethics in the light of right understanding  
Profession (In the light of Comprehensive Human Goal): Profession is channel of  
participation by human beings in the larger order in pursuance of comprehensive human  
goal. In the process one is able to contribute towards the livelihood of one’s family and  
also participate in the larger order constituting the society and the nature around.  
It is an important activity to authenticate one’s understanding, whereby we interact with  

other human beings and with rest of the nature in a mutually fulfilling manner. Thus, the  
Profession is a Service’.  

Competence in Professional Ethics  
Clarity about the comprehensive human goal: Samadhana – Samriddhi – Abhaya  
Saha-astitva and its fulfillment through universal human order from family order to  
world family.  
Confidence in oneself as well as confidence in the harmony, co-existence and  
self-regulation prevailing in entire existence based on the right understanding of oneself  
and the rest of existence.  
Competence of mutually fulfilling behaviour, clarity and confidence in ethical  
human conduct and its correlation with sustainable personal as well as collective  
happiness and prosperity.  
Competence of mutually enriching interaction with nature, ability to assess the  
needs for physical facilities for the family and their fulfillment through production  
systems ensuring harmony in the nature.  
Competence of actualizing one’s understanding in real life.  
How Competence in Professional Ethics can be achieved?  
The development of ethical competence is a long-term process to be achieved through  
appropriate value education. As profession is only a subset of the life activities, the  
competence in profession will only be the manifestation of one’s right understanding.  
Thus, Competence in Professional Ethics can be achieved through right understanding.  
The increase of unethical practices in various professions, the contradictions and  
dilemmas are primarily due to the prevailing worldview focusing on profit  
maximization. These can be resolved through right understanding.  

Chapter 15  
The Holistic Criteria for Evaluation  
Catering to appropriate needs and lifestyles.  
Criteria for Technologies  
Catering to real human needs  
Compatible with natural systems and cycles  
Facilitating effective utilization of human body, animals, plants and materials  
Safe, user-friendly and conducive to health  
Producible with local resources and expertise as far as possible  
Promoting the use of renewable energy resources  
Low cost and energy efficient  
Enhancing human interaction and cooperation  
Promoting decentralization  
Durability and life cycle recyclability of products.  
Criteria For Production Systems  
The below mentioned four basic questions to be asked for a production system.  
. What to produce?  
. How to produce?  
. For whom to produce?  
. And how much to produce?  

Specific Criteria to Judge the Appropriateness of the Production Systems  
Optimal utilization of local resources and expertise  
Economic viability and sustainability  
Matching the pattern of production with availability/producibility in the local  
environment and the pattern of consumption  
Decentralized systems capable of meaningful employment of people inthe  
Facilitating production by masses and not mass production in a centralized mode  
Promoting individual creativity and sense of accomplishment  
Using people-friendly and eco-friendly technologies  
Ensuring requisite quality of production  
Safe and conducive to the health of persons involved in production as well as  
Management Model  
The management needs to focus at the fulfillment of the people involved in the  
production system as well as the users of the produce and not to profit mania. The  
following criteria can be chosen for a humanistic management model:  
The whole unit working as well-knit family.  
Cooperative and motivational  
Ensuring correct appraisal of human labour  
Targeting employer-employee as well as consumer satisfaction and not profit  
Sharing of responsibility and participation mode of management  
Continuous value addition of the persons involved.  
Effectively integrating individual competence and complementarily.  

Few practical steps that we may take to begin this important journey towards  
the holistic alternative  
Appreciating the need for Self-exploration  
Facilitating the Understanding of Harmony at various Levels  
Steps for Evolution at the Individual Level  
Steps for transition at the level of Family, Society and Profession  
o Right Understanding (Samajhadari)  Efforts to gain right  
o Honesty (Imandari)  Sincerity to acknowledge what one has  
understood and be ready to work for complete understanding. This  
is followed by spontaneous reflection in one’s thought, behavior,  
and work.  
o Accountability (Jimmedari) Feeling one’s responsibility to  
participate in the larger order in the light of right understanding  
o Participation (Bhagidari) – Efforts to actually participate in the larger  
order including the family, the society, and the nature around  
according to one’s competence, capacity and aptitude.  
o Promoting Mass Awareness and Moving towards Humanistic  
o Evolving Holistic Model of Living  
o Amending Policies, Programs and Social Systems in Tune with  
Comprehensive Human Goal  
How Sarvodya can be achieved?  
The Sarvodya can be achieved through –  
Right Understanding (Samajhadari) Efforts to gain right Understanding.  
Honesty (Imandari)  Sincerity to acknowledge what one has understood and be  
ready to work for complete understanding. This is followed by spontaneous  
reflection in one’s thought, behavior, and work.  
Accountability (Jimmedari)  Feeling one’s responsibility to participate in the  
larger order in the light of right understanding  
Participation (Bhagidari) – Efforts to actually participate in the larger order  
including the family, the society, and the nature around according to one’s  
competence, capacity and aptitude.  
This will generate the process of mutual complementarily towards evolution of all –